R & S Plumbing And Drain Service
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Plumbing Services

We specialize in finding out why your drains are not draining. We also make small and major repairs, and service your plumbing fixtures and equipment. We install bathroom plumbing fixtures, and service hot water heaters, too.
We're always here for you in an emergency. If a pipe breaks, turn to us. We'll respond quickly and find a solution so you can rest easy.
Checking Drain Pipe in Missoula, MT
We can repair or replace all of your fixtures throughout your home. We repair the following:
Faucets throughout your home
Water closets (Toilets) - all brands
Water lines
Drain lines
Waste and overflows at bathtubs
Shower drains
Emergency shut offs
Outside hose bibbs
Sump pumps
Water heaters-Gas and Electric
Frozen water lines, thawing of pipes
We work on modular homes