R & S Plumbing And Drain Service
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Drain Cleaning and Camera Locating

Call us for all your drain cleaning needs. From Main sewer line back-ups to washing machine overflows. We can get your drain running again and camera the line to tell you what your problems are. Great for locating Septic tanks and cesspools.

Drain Cleaning

Sewer lines inside house out to the City Mains
Kitchen sinks
Bathroom sinks
Bathtub and showers
Laundry lines
Floor drains
Water closets (Toilets)
Environmentally friendly drain maintenance products

Camera Inspection & locations

Plumbing lines inside your foundation
Sewer lines outside to City Main
Locate septic tanks and cesspools
Locate low spots in your sewer lines or root infiltrations. We can tell you exactly where your sewer lines are broken including the depth of your sewer lines.

Home Inspections

Review all plumbing in the home, and give you recommendations and options on how to improve your plumbing.
Camera sewer lines to inspect and make recommendations on how to take care of any problems we find.